A logo of a human with a seed germinating in their head, with the words 'Human Made' next to it, along with the website humanmademark.com underneath.

When you see this logo on any artwork, whether painting, poetry, or prose, you know that it was made by a human just like you.

Hi friends, I'm Tris, I'd like to introduce you to a small project I've made.

The Human Made mark is something I will be attaching to any works of mine that were mostly made by me or my friends, not by generative tools like GPT. I've built this website to freely share the high-resolution black or white versions of the logo available with you, which you can download and attach to your own projects if you'd like to make the same statement.
I've made the following video to try to make my reasons for making this clear, but it's simple:

Watch my short video here, or read on.


I'm Tris, I'm a writer and producer of fast, technical videos, and audiofiction and music.
My first career was as a web developer, doing production on the side for 15 years, but in 2022 I accidentally become entirely self-employed thanks to the surprising success of my YouTube channel, No Boilerplate.

At heart I'm still a software developer, I'll re-use 100 libraries to avoid writing 10 lines of code - standing on the shoulders of giants is the only way I know how I get around.
But I've looked for a way to mark my videos and stories as being made by humans, not AI, and I can't find one that works in exactly the way I want.
I don't want something that says 'NO AI USED', signposts that are negative and judgemental, nor a '100% human made' guarantee - what would that even MEAN these days?
I want a positive mark.

I have multiple issues with the options I've seen so far, from having multiple logos (which is confusing) to the fixation on AI being inherently evil (this will not always be the case).
My root concern with these methods is that they are negative. `AI = bad`. But I think the correct way to present this is `human = good`.

I don't need 100% human made, I perhaps need 90% human made. Three example may make my thinking clearer:
Using these tools to make more of the artwork you want is valid, but you're not a creator, you're still a consumer. I'm not sure exactly what 'too much AI' is, but just like your audience, I'll know it when I see it.

I love knowing a human made the artwork I'm consuming.
There's something there, something transcendent and magical.

I like that you tried hard, that's part of the experience.





Special thanks to everyone who workshopped the logo with me, especially super patron supporter Andrew Jackson. Andrew, I should be paying YOU!

Human Made is a NAMTAO production, made with <3 in 2024